Justin DeMarre


I was born in Renton on Cougar Mountain and grew up at the foothills of Tiger and Squak Mountain in Issaquah. In college I traveled extensively. During those travels I had some rather unusual encounters, namely being welcomed into a former Borneo headhunter's home for over a week. Once out of college I was welcomed by a different type of headhunter to come and teach at his Texas K-12 school. It was in Texas where I met my beautiful wife of 12 years. My passion for real estate started when my grandfather and father purchased and developed 10 acres of raw land in Issaquah prior to its explosive growth. My two brothers and I were the grunts during the construction process as well as in manufacturing the ornamental precast panels found on the "Great Wall of Issaquah," as well as the three "castle" like homes.  It was this exposure to residential construction and my own personal real estate investments that ultimately led me to getting my real estate license . . . that and the nagging of close friends and family.   

I am thrilled to be part of Landman Inc.’s rich history here in the Northwest in helping folks buy and sell land throughout the greater Seattle area.  We have an excellent network of wetland specialists, builders, lenders, etc., making us premier real estate specialists in the Puget Sound region.

When I am not working, I love being with my wife and children exploring the shores of the Puget Sound or finding great musicians at our local farmers market.

Position: Broker
Cell: 206-849-9417