Staging: Land or Home

Land and Home Staging

Staging is for SELLERS who want to get the most money for their property, to sell more quickly, or both.

Staging includes, but is not limited to any or all of the following:

Wetland study, critical area designation by county, survey, clearing a building site, clearing brush/blackberries, Geotech report, perk feasibility or septic design approval, drill well, water availability letter.

We will assist in identifying your need for: stewardship, mitigation, buffer averaging, exceptional use, public benefit rating system or other special tax classifications.

Providing more information for a buyer to review leads to a quicker sale at a higher price. Less information available for a buyer, leads to a longer time to sell and usually at a lower price.

Each property is unique needing unique recommendations of how to properly stage it for a quicker sale or a higher price.

At Landman Inc we can assist you as a seller with this process. Our role is to educate, coach, and lead you, helping you decide what things to do, what it will cost, and what order to do them in.

We have contacts with the contractors and professionals to get these things done and we look forward to helping you with this.